Making Media from Scratch, Part 2
Subject:   making an uncompressed movie in memory?
Date:   2008-01-01 23:03:14
From:   pontomedon
Hi, Mr. Adamson!
I'm a Student at the Technical University of Vienna and i have to implement a Video Effect using qt4j. The Effect works, and although getting each frame as a pict, converting it to a java.awt.image, modifying and displaying it, it runs smoothly. But when it comes to saving the movie (with the effekt) to disk, i have a problem: I currently use a code very similar to yours to generate the movie object out of the BufferedImages for each frame, and want to save this object with the Qicktime save as Dialog (using movie.convertToFile() method). The Problem is, that generating the movie Object is quite slow, running aprox. @5-10fps and i cannot call the save as Dialog bevore i have the movie object ready.
So: Is there any way to generate a movie without any compression? The best thing would be just a sequence of raw Images, because memory (or disk) space is in my case not expensive, but the thing should be fast.
My second question concerns the generation of the movie on the harddisk: I guess there's no way of generating the movie only in memory?

Thanks for your answers!

poseidon pontomedon