Building Web Parts, Part 1
Subject:   Making Google Search functional??
Date:   2008-01-03 06:54:43
From:   kencar
Okay I give up... been playing around with the expample for a google search (or any other search) web part for my page and I can't imput data to the textbox in the control. Is there some trick to this? Does it require SharePoint or something because the only other references i've found all are talking about SharePoint and this is just a IIS 6.x web serve and a .NET site that i'm working with....

What's happening is that the page renders fine, but there is no way to type text into the textbox and therefore execute a search with the value of the text box in the redirect.

Any help would be apprecitate this is taking way too long to figure out.

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  1. Making Google Search functional??
    2008-01-03 07:44:12  kencar [View]

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