Cookin' with Ruby on Rails - Integration Tests
Subject:   Found the cause of the error.
Date:   2008-01-05 16:52:09
From:   TechG1rl
I found the problems :) and fixed them.
Opening the home recipe list page, I viewed the source and found this:

<h1>Online Cookbook</h1>

<table border="1">
<th width="60%">Recipe</em</th>
<th width="20%">Category</th>
<th width="20%">Date</em</th>
The first and third
tag is not closed fully. I found this is from the recipe/list file so I opened that up and added the end tags. Re-ran the test and got another error, "method href not found", so on a hunch I changed this:
assert_select "a", {:text=>"Create new recipe", href=>"recipe/new"}

to this (colon in front of href was missing):

assert_select "a", {:text=>"Create new recipe", :href=>"recipe/new"}

re-ran the test and no more failures :) yay we can move on. Thanks for your speedy reply earlier.