Sending SMS Messages Using Windows XP
Subject:   Help needed for the Window Mobile 5 based pocket PC phone device
Date:   2008-01-06 02:18:30
From:   DavidKwei
Hi, I am using HTC P3300 (running on Window's Mobile 5), and my Acer laptop (running on XP) can NOT install the device as an external modem either by USB nor by BlueTooth.

The device can already sync my computer fine. It is just not recognized as modem and I can not install manually a modem, ever I have the HTC USB modem driver.

I searched the web for last two days, and I think it may be to do with Window's Mobile 5 OS.

Can you please to solve this problem as I do use SMS a lot and I am a Chinese as well. So, keyboard entering is really useful and important feature for me. Thanks.