Inside Samba: Windows Sharing for the Mac
Subject:   SMB permissions
Date:   2008-01-06 09:01:03
It looks like this is the best place to discuss this. I am connecting my Mac (Leopard10.5) to Samba servers (actually Linux rather than Win XP though). Connections work great, but for some reason the default permissions on files that I create are not the same as those specified for that machine, which is screwing up other users (For example, when I create a directory they can't write to it until I fix it manually.)

Also, files such as MS Word are normally made read-only when someone has them open, but I seem to be able to trounce them (read-only not active when I open them). It also seems that some kind of caching may have overwritten the file uncommanded (the machine's smb logs show a short access from my laptop that reset the file to an older version when I didn't have the file open.)

Is there something odd with the Mac samba client that I should know about or can be fixed?