POJO Application Frameworks: Spring Vs. EJB 3.0
Subject:   opinion piece veiled as objective article
Date:   2008-01-10 11:53:22
From:   Rick010
Response to: opinion piece veiled as objective article

Thank you for your incredible credentials. I would side with you on EJB 3 being good, but this side of the street believes that you should address this concern of mine ( especially about xml "crap" you mentioned, keep your mind unbiased and objective ) :
I have gotta situation.
I am going for release of my app tomorrow, i followed everything to the toe and then suddenly i've gotta do some changes in code ... for this i have to do a build ( build and then deploy the EAR / WAR or whatever ). Now suppose that i am writing configurations for all POJOs to-be-persisted in xml, all i have to do is change xml file configurations. On the other hand if i am doing annotations i have to go in code and do something ( blah blah ). My code was "frozen" state until now. Technically making jsp, HTML or xml changes do not come in code changes ( as per my company policy at least ) so yea i am safe when i working with xml. we do a build and all is solved ... But what would happen if i am using annotations ...

Vyas, Anirudh

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