Creating a Dual-Boot Windows XP and Ubuntu Laptop
Subject:   Newbie's attempt to follow exactly your instructions
Date:   2008-01-14 05:43:59
From:   mkolars
I was a lucky one, i followed halfway through the instructions and had just problems in finding 'Ubuntu.bin' after following command line chain "mkdir /mnt/share, mount -t msdos/dev/hdd107/mnt/share, dd if=/dev/hdd7 of=/mnt/share/ubuntu.bin bs=512 count1" BTW 'count1' wasn't understood and the final file ended up being 512Mb instead 512 bytes ??, which was checked later with "ls -l /mnt/share"

I used GParted instead of QtParted where i created before following partition table: "/" (6GB) as ext3 (Logic Partition (not "Primary" because wasn't available and not flagged as "boot"), "/swap" (2GB), "/home" (10GB) as ext3 and finally a "/share" (12GB) as fat32

After partitioning i went through the installer and gave each partition its name which was flawless, but the first time i checked off (in the "Advanced Tap") install the bootloader in (hd0).

So after installing i could easily boot in XP, since the flag was still on boot, but of course no Ubuntu option. Then i booted from GParted Live and tried followed the above mentioned command chain and also saw the Ubuntu.bin in /mnt/share, but after booting back to XP and trying to copy from the FAT32 to C: ....nothing, i couldn't find i decided to install again with Ubuntu's Live CD, but this time checked the "install bootloader in (hd0)" and maybe risked to crash the MBR, but it turned out wonderful, after installation: i have both option available and it works blazingly fast !! (much faster than XP) just on a 2.8GHz P4 with 1 GB RAM and 250GB SCSI Drive. I not even configured the network i just pluged in a network cable, it asked me to download the restricted NVidea driver and i can see all partitions, DO not have any problem in cross sending files, even stord files to FAT32 and it works rock-solid. Just lucky or can we trust the GRUB stuff blind ??!!?? I am total newbie to "dual-boot" but in my opinion it was quite simple to install. I haven't tried to install now on workstations with a lot of stuff on it, neither did i resized the XP partition. ALL THE ABOVE MENTIONED OPERATIONS WERE DONE ON A COMPLETELY FRESH NTFS SYSTEM WITH 3 PRE-EXISTING PARTITIONS, ONE OF THEM 160GB BIG AND I JUST RESIZED TO MAKE SPACE FOR MY LINUX SYSTEM.

I am not experienced with GRUB but even i would mess up the boot.ini, wouldn't it be easy to fix with the XP Rescue disc and "FIXMBR" ??

Thanks, Mark

PS: I would really appreciate any ideas how to manually configure the boot.ini to make it 100%safe even for a total beginner like me.