Bluetooth File Transfer with Windows XP
Subject:   transfering text files mobile to computer PC
Date:   2008-01-21 07:35:30
From:   anaisa
I am sending notes, txt by my mobile nokia 2630 to my desktop PC computer windows XP via bluetooth (it has a usb bluetooth adapter Kensighton using a software from the company WIDCOMM Bluetooth software and the problem I have is that: every time I send the note.txt it never change the name. I mean, every note I send I lost my last note and It just replace the last note I've sent with the name Nokia.

At the bluetooth of my Mac computer each txt file I send arrives with a diferent name, for example nokia#1, nokia#2, etc....
But in my pc it doesnt happen.
Do you know why?
with the images and videos files it gos correctly, each one I send arrives with a different name.

Do you know how can I get a different names for notes.txt in my PC, using the software kensighton WIDCOMM Bluetooth software