ColdFusion MX on Mac OS X, Part 3
Subject:   yellow dog linux
Date:   2002-09-05 00:53:29
From:   dicklacara
Response to: yellow dog linux

Unfortunately, you can't interface CFMX on Mac OS X with a full-blown web server such as Apache -- you are limited to the Macromrdia-provided Default web server. This is not suitable for production.

Also the Developer version of CFMX will only accept requests from clients on localhoes and 1 external IP address -- so you can't use it in production.

As to performance on Mac OS X, I think you are right to assume that CFMX runs faster on OS X than on YDL.

Below is some more information that will nhelp reinforce that assumption.


Mac OS X provides a highly-optimized, tightly integrated implementation of Java 2 Standard Edition 1.3, including the client version of the HotSpot virtual machine. As the only high-volume desktop operating system to ship with Java 2, Mac OS X is emerging as the best place to develop and deploy your Java applications.
Cool, Refreshing Graphics
Java has never looked this good. All Java applications use Aqua, the amazing liquid look and feel native to Mac OS X. Windows are double-buffered for faster refresh, and support live-resizing and dragging. All drawing is done using Quartz, the Mac OS X PDF-based imaging model, providing amazingly crisp anti-aliased text and better performance for complex drawing operations.
Blazingly Fast Threading
In Mac OS X, Java threads are implemented directly on top of native Mach threads, allowing efficient scheduling using true preemptive multitasking. This also allows threaded applications to automatically use multiple CPUs, for blazingly fast performance.