Getting the Video out of Your New iPod--for Cheap!
Subject:   a cable comes marked that way
Date:   2008-01-23 07:50:02
From:   cj52
I stopped at walmart and looked by the camcorders for one
of those cables but none nothing there, on the way out I looked
at cables by the mp3 accessories and there was a white
"av cable for mp3s" with colored rings on the rca tips
anyway I got it home and played around with it and found
that it was marked correctly , no need to swap colors.
thanks a lot, I would never have thougt the video would
come out the headphone jack, I was thinking I needed a
dock plug with rca tips on the other end. for any one
interested it was 10 bucks at walmart, didn't save package,
but the above discription is very good.