LILO and GRUB: Boot Loaders Made Simple
Subject:   Erroneous Statement
Date:   2008-01-23 13:16:51
From:   texastwister
>LILO comes as standard on all distributions of >Linux.

This may have been true 4 years ago, but certainly isn't now -- unless all that is meant by it is "LILO can be installed with all distributions of Linux".

In the Red Hat family, for example, GRUB became the default bootloader as long ago as RH7.2 if I recall correctly. While LILO continued to be available as an install-time option for several releases, as of RHEL 4 it is no longer included as an option in the installer -- so it must be installed and configured separately from the installation of the OS.

All the distros of which I am personally aware (Red Hat/Fedora, Ubuntu, SLES, Linspire, etc.) default to GRUB -- and this has been true now for several years.