What's Wrong with the EJB 2 Specification?
Subject:   Is ejbRemove really that bad? - Correction
Date:   2002-09-05 09:38:32
From:   sbalan
Response to: Is ejbRemove really that bad?

i shld probably rephrase. entity beans go into persistent stores however session beans don't. so ejbRemove can't actually remove the session bean. it can only move it to the pooled state.

however for entity beans, ejbRemove will actually remove it from the database. so in this case, you need two calls one to take the bean back to the pool and one to actually destroy it. so we have two different methods.

for session beans, its all the same coz there is no actual destruction involved. so I guess its oj there is only method.

once someone understands the fundamental differences between session and entity beans, i think they can see why ejbRemove behaves differently for each of them.