JBoss Cache as a POJO Cache
Subject:   Search
Date:   2008-01-31 16:08:29
From:   vilokanah
My application requires an autofill kind of functionality. i.e. if the user types 'a' in a field, we've to get him all the values starting with 'a'. Not the data that is brought for the autofill purpose comes from a query ... and takes a roundtrip to the DB. In a normal scenario if I were to cache this data in a map on startup, the application could go out of memory. If I were to use Jboss cache to load the data in memory from the DB, considering that this data is huge, how will jboss cache manage it? Will it use the LRU based policy or will it cache the data on to the hard disk and read it from there. I want a solution that gives me a boost in terms time without using too much of memory. What would u suggest in such a scenario?