Subject:   Some Question
Date:   2008-02-04 20:38:06
From:   J.H
Mr. O'Reilly

I am a postgraduate in Taiwan and I major in Journalism. I believe "web2.0" is going to change our life(now and the future) and I'd like to study this topic about "the user"(we called them "audience").

I have some questions. If you'd like to answer them, that will be my honor.

First, can we say "web2.0" is a "generation" that different from the generation of web1.0?

Second, until now, most of issues about web2.0 were ranged in the "technology", I try to develop to audience(the users), to analysis their attitude and behavior, is my supposition right?
And how do you think about "the user live in web2.0"?

Those are my questions, if my point of view is wrong and my English is poor, please forgive me. I look forward to your feedback and teaches.

Thank you very much!

Chia- Chen, Hu

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