Advice on Careers in Technology for Geeky (and not so Geeky) Women
Subject:   Thank You
Date:   2008-02-07 21:35:39
From:   J3nnif3r
I just want to thank you for writing this article. I'll be graduating in three weeks with a BA in computer networking and your article has greatly inspired me. While attending classes, I can assure you that woman are still very much the minority and at times it was very difficult for me.

I've been very nervous about entering the technology field spending a good deal of my thoughts on trying to figure out what experiences might confront me being that woman are a minority in technology.

However, it's my passion. I love this field! I came across your article tonight, well all of the Women in Technology articles O'Reily has posted and it gave me relief. I am looking forward to starting my career and hope to have the confidence and strength I have experienced through you and all the other authors.

Thank you again for sharing your experience!