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Subject:   No openssl headers, cant send mail
Date:   2002-09-06 15:03:44
From:   bin2
Ok. So I had to compile Imapd without SSL-support since the headers needed were not on my system. Don't know why. Checked both my computers, and they aren't on any of them. Installed Dev Tools on both with the BSD-kit. Tried d/ling OpenSSL and installing but it just complained.
Anyway, Imap seems to be working, though without SSL-support.
When I try to send mail through my new setup to my own account, sendmail doesn't want to. It claims I typed the wrong password? But I am typing the correct pass to my account so whats going on here? Also, Sendmail seems to only accept cleartext connections. No SSL-support there either.

Anyone care to help?


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  1. STARTTLS and sendmail
    2002-09-06 21:16:39  ianwsmith [View]

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