Setting up a Site Server with Jaguar
Subject:   STARTTLS and sendmail
Date:   2002-09-06 21:16:39
From:   ianwsmith
Response to: No openssl headers, cant send mail

I'm in somewhat of the same boat as you are. I have everything working as per the article, including IMAP with SSL. Works great. However, I would like to be able to use the Mac as the outgoing mail server when accessing from remote locations. The setup currently is defaulted to block relaying, which is a Good Thing. However, the simple relaying tools are no good for roaming users, as they depend on list of rulesets based on domain names, host names, and IP addresses and such that are used to determine whether relaying is allowed, and all of those things will be dynamic for users who wish to access the mail server from multiple locations. Enter STARTTLS, which is available in the version of sendmail in the Jaguar install, 8.12.2. Using STARTTLS enables you to use SSL to communicate with the server, and to relay only mail from authenticated senders. Unfortunately, I am not in even the smallest way savvy enough with Sendmail to know how this beast needs to be set up. There's a README over at for the 8.12.6 release, but it's some pretty tough going. I intend to slog through as best I can, and will hopefully be able to report back favorable results, with instructions. Otherwise, I'm waiting for the sendmail guru whom I just _know_ must be lurking on this thread to lend a hand, or for Duncan's Sendmail on OSX article that he alluded to. (Duncan - if you're still reading, any chance that'll be coming out real *soon*? :-)