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Subject:   Streaming Movies using QTMovie/QuickTime
Date:   2008-02-13 05:50:01
From:   Abdul_Majeed
Thanks for publishing this article. After reading this I thought of discussing an issue that I got stuck up in one of my application.
I have posted this in various sites and could not get proper solution. Kindly ignore it, if this is not the right place to discuss this.

I have been working on a client-server based application which got a feature similar to iTunes sharing. That is I want to share movie files between machines over the LAN.Currently on server side, I have created a socket , write the movie data to that socket. On client side I am saving the remote movie data to the a temporary file and giving this local file as input to QuickTime. But it got an issue with QuickTIme updating the movie play if all of the data is in place. i.e QuickTime not plalying with complete data.

Could anybody please help me out by giving a work around for this. Is there any way that I can do stream movie data into a QTMovie/QuickTime. As I explained above the scenario is that I have movie data streaming in over a socket and I'd like to feed that data into a QTMovie/QuickTime and start playing the movie before all of the data is in place. i.e I need a way to tell Quicklime/QTMove to look input as remote socket.

As I am totally new to QuickTime/QTmovie programing , kind ly correct me if I am doing something wrong.
Any help in this regard is greatly appreciated.

Abdul Majeed K