Unlocking the True Power of Entity EJBs
Subject:   Great article but, ...
Date:   2002-09-09 02:39:46
as stated* web-apps make heavy use of read-only data access and how many J2EE apps are web-apps??? So despite of "app-server specific" configuration possibilities for different data access, I think itīs a HUGE DESIGN FLAW in the ejb spec, that that the most common data-access (read-for-display data, web-scenario) is so poorly supported by the spec.

When looking discussions about "fat key pattern implementations" ( it seems not be very difficult to implement read-only optimization. But what is a implementation worth, when it can be used for one specific appserver version only?

If the spec would recognize this "issue" and optimize it, I am quite sure all debates about the questionabilty of Entity Beans would seep away faster than change from high to low tide ...

*(For example, Web-based systems hardly access data in a read-write transactional manner, and are primarily read-only systems)