FreeBSD for Linux Users
Subject:   pkgsrc for linux
Date:   2008-03-01 06:28:11
From:   riotxix
As I understand, the pkg management tool (using the same tree as netbsd) is available for linux.

So you don't need to learn new syntax or wait for PS3 support (which linux has had for a year now), but you can have an excellent multi-distribution portage system. No more learning brand new linux-distro-specific port tools.

I don't understand why there are so many distributions trying to re-implement the same wheel (with apt, rpm, {gentoo ports, crux ports, arch ports}, etc.) when they should all be working towards two single well maintaned trees (precompiled packages (like .deb), or source ports(like pkgsrc, which isn't just for BSD anymore)).

I DO understand why different distributions exist (newbies who need ease and multimedia (ubuntu/mandrake) vs. geeks who need the latest hardware support (linux w/ src compilation & loadable kernel drivers) vs. server admins who need a stable all in one distro with a reputation and easy uprading (BSD)).