Subject:   The Change of time
Date:   2008-03-03 17:06:16
From:   Paul Yih
I think one of the key element or factor is that many of us have neglected is about the change of the old prey/predator mode to the open sourcing -- meaning that we need to be engage one and another in the future Web community - no less than the current global political scenario. When there are greater collaboration and cooperation -- many of the companies like Google and Wikipedia who are already in the Web 2.0 by providing users much of the free of charge service. In return or the payback by the users are their contribution to add to the existing contents of these entities -- where it had fueled the sort of "synergism" and information sharing and data building and system collaboration out of mutual gains ---- Then comes the return by the trust between one and another -- These folks who have the courage to create new platforms and invite unknown participants --- as per your description of the Web 2.0 "atmosphere" is most positive and will continue to move and foster this open format for all.

I deeply appreciate your clarification on Web 2.0 and of course, this is just the beginning of new learning for many of us.