Configuring JBoss 4.0 JDBC Connectivity
Subject:   JDBC Data source for Non-EJB clients
Date:   2008-03-04 05:03:25
From:   RaviCKota

Thanks for sharing information on JDBC connectivity in JBoss. But please let me know, the descriptor files that are needed to create a simple JDBC application accessed by a stand alone java application which is neither based on Servlets nor ejbs.

I'm looking for the steps involved in mapping a JDBC Datasource to JNDI and accessing that through Context.

I use MySQL 5.0, JDK1.4 and JBoss 4.0


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  1. JDBC Data source for Non-EJB clients
    2008-03-04 09:22:14  Deepak Vohra | [View]

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