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  PostgreSQL for Mac OS X
Subject:   change user
Date:   2008-03-08 17:02:22
From:   moiola
I'm trying to install PostgreSQL8 now using the instructions provided by the following link "http://www2.russbrooks.com:8080/2007/11/4/install-postgresql-on-mac-os-x-10-5-leopard/comments/130#comment-130", but when i'm trying to change user to postgres nothing happens, the user remains the same:

93-80-29-243:PostgreSQL8 olgaryzikova$ su - postgres
93-80-29-243:PostgreSQL8 olgaryzikova$

If i understand correctly i can only start PosgreSQL server under the postgres user - but i can't switch to this user and also do not see it in my System preferences --> Accounts...

May be somebody had similar problems? How do you think it is possible to solve it?