Creating MyTube with Flex and PHP
Subject:   The "other" back end
Date:   2008-03-09 10:32:42
From:   Chaos7703
Howdy, I really think this tutorial is great and I like the whole 'tweaked' thumbnails look. However, the Flex & PHP I don't really need help with (I might with the PHP once I get my actual problem solved). I found this article while I was writing my upload script which is called/used from within my Flex app. I book marked this article because I knew that once the people could do the uploading, I needed a way for them to view uploaded content, but as we know Flash/Flex only plays swf & flv files. As far as I know most people can't generate or convert to flv's. Hence where this page came in. I need a way to convert everyone's *.* videos into *.flv (*.* -> *.mp3 would be helpful for pods also).

Alas, I *think* I figured out what to download from the MPlayer site, but everything I've read implies that it's a desktop app. for me to watch/convert videos on my computer.

I see the PHP scripts for converting videos & generating thumbs, but I don't have a clue how to get to that point. What files do I need to move to the server, and what do I do with them once they're there? I already have my directory structure in place & working and my Db tables track the files that go in the folders. So I don't want to change any of that, just the file formats.

Thanks!! Great work!