Dynamically Creating PDFs in a Web Application
Subject:   Dynamic pdf to image display on webpage
Date:   2008-03-12 08:01:31
From:   Jyro
Hi everyone, seriously need some help here please. I'm trying to generate a pdf, convert it to an image, and display the image on the webpage - all dynamically. Is there a way this can be done using method 2 above (i.e. in memory). I tried using method 1 and I'm having problems - the pdf is created in filesystem, but when I try to convert the .pdf file to a .jpg file (with some other pdf-to-image converter API), the .pdf file is not accessible - seems to be locked somehow until the webpage that created it has been closed. So I'm thinking of doing everything in memory, but don't know how. Any suggestions, help of any kind is highly, highly appreciated :) thanks.

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  1. Dynamic pdf to image display on webpage
    2008-04-21 22:40:22  touchpdf [View]

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