Does Enterprise Development Have to Be Painful?
Subject:   And the money? And what's in the bag that's not open source?
Date:   2008-03-17 22:56:42
From:   s.frank
A nice article about downloading software, but where's the beef? What's in this package, at moreover - what's in this package, that is not open-source? An application-server (you can also get some decent ones for free), an ide (last time I looked, Eclipse was still open source...), some web-frameworks like Grails (free) - but where does SAP come into play? An installer, sure, but that one does not look like it is too clever.... It looks like they have thrown together a bunch of open-source-packages and labeled them with their logo: Is that business-software?

Seriously, I'm really curious about the second part, because the first part has absolutely no beef and it only gives you only a very shallow view of the architecture behind this big, bloated package.