Does Enterprise Development Have to Be Painful?
Subject:   Cross platform download resumption
Date:   2008-03-19 11:42:56
From:   pwoodward
Hey -

FYI if you're a Firefox user, consider the Add-on / Plug-in "Down Them All". It uses the Firefox HTTP capabilities to give you resumable downloads (as well as "chunking" the download to accelerate it). It works on both Windows and Linux for me.

Other than that - good article. I appreciate the coverage of the download and install process. A lot of people tend to overlook that when talking about getting set up for development. Took me a bit to get squared away for Java development on Ubuntu. While it had Java and Eclipse already - it had _it's_ version of them. Getting it to download and install the Sun JDK was only one small part of the problem - next was setting it so that it would actually _use_ that JDK by default.

It can take some serious time to download all the pieces and parts to set up a good development environment - knowing where to look for all the parts can be tricky too. Typically what makes it so hard is that it's not something we do often. Most of us aren't installing a fresh dev. setup every day. We get one up and running - and update and/or upgrade it along the way from there. It does sound like they could use some ease-of-installation help - as well as consider a network installer as opposed to a giant 1GB + download.