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  Building Enterprise Services with Drools Rule Engine
Subject:   Problem in running Sample Code
Date:   2008-03-20 05:09:41
From:   Vishal Deshmukh
First I thanx to Birali Hakizumwami for explaining the concept so well.
I tried drool for Sample Code provided with the article. But I m having problem while compiling Sample Code.
While compiling UnderwritingService.java
i got following errors

D:\Drool\UnderwritingService.java:30: cannot find symbol
symbol : method newWorkingMemory()
location: interface org.drools.RuleBase
WorkingMemory wm=ruleBase.newWorkingMemory();
D:\Drool\UnderwritingService.java:31: cannot find symbol
symbol : method assertObject(com.birali.domain.LoanApplication)
location: interface org.drools.WorkingMemory
D:\Drool\UnderwritingService.java:32: cannot find symbol
symbol : method assertObject(com.birali.domain.Borrower)
location: interface org.drools.WorkingMemory
D:\Drool\UnderwritingService.java:33: cannot find symbol
symbol : method assertObject(com.birali.domain.Property)
location: interface org.drools.WorkingMemory
4 errors

I have given path of all jar files of Drool. I m compiling code in Jcreator. please provide me assistance. when i search for both the methods
newWorkingMemory() and assertObject() in respective Interfaces but i didnt found it.
Thanx in advance.


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