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Subject:   Amazon's UNACCEPTABLE and AVOIDABLE environmental costs
Date:   2008-03-23 06:15:50
From:   wolfway
Hi Amazon

In general I support and use your website A GREAT DEAL - however I find your POSTAGE POLICY when buying from your marketplace sellers is really quite UNACCEPTABLE.

Your PER ITEM postage policy is an utterly NEEDLESS waste of money and has a net stress effect on the environment, that is:
1) needless EXTRA packaging!
2) needless EXTRA transportation costs!
3) needless EXTRA traffic on the roads!

Given the increasingly grave environmental circumstances that we are collectively bringing upon ourselves any PR machine that would attempt to "justify" this needless and entirely AVOIDABLE extra wasteful cost is surely in denial?

I buy a lot(!) of books (and also photography consumables) from you and your marketplace e-tailers. With a postage price PER ITEM SET BY AMAZON when using your e-tailers I'm forced to buy from the absolutely cheapest source because of this additional cost even when I note that one e-tailer might have the same book at only a slightly higher price. It would make alround sense to buy from the same e-tailer where possible if the price differential is minimal and save on the postage and thereby ALSO the net cost to the environment...

Surely Amazon has a green/environmental policy?

Please be aware I am NOT a raving "environmentalist". However, I over the last 20+yrs I have been a freelance trainer/facilitator increasingly involved in assisting organisations with their sustainability issues. I'm hired by organisations within all economic sectors (private, statutory and voluntary). Interestingly, of all the facilitation tools at my disposal when working with organisations I am overwhelmingly called upon BY THEM to use Creative Thinking Tools in order that they may creatively address their local/global economic matters in relation to burgeoning local/global issues of environment for the simple reason that the environmental stresses that we are all collectively driving aren't going to go away anytime soon but, by overwhelming consensus, are getting worse. It therefore behooves us all to do what we can, no?

I would appreciate it if whoever receives this email passes it up the management chain to the very top - to Mr Bezos himself! - for a creative reconsideration of this policy.

Many thanks in advance.

Kind regards,

Wolf White

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  1. Dear Jeff
    2008-09-05 08:08:22  Roberto_Doria [View]

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