The iPhone SDK: APIs Apple Didn't Want You to Know About
Subject:   Probably a less sinister explanation
Date:   2008-03-25 11:54:10
From:   gregjor
There's a less sinister explanation for Apple not publishing all of the iPhone APIs: Some of the undocumented functions will be changed in future releases that will break applications that use them. This has been Apple's policy with the Macintosh since 1984. Mac developers who used undocumented APIs had their apps break over and over, and the same will happen to iPhone developers.

Developers who write to unsupported APIs are free to do so, but you can't expect Apple to support those applications through iTunes, or take support calls from iPhone users who install a software update only to find your application no longer works for them.

Before accusing Apple of keeping secrets to prevent developers competing with them or restricting developer freedom, consider more mundane considerations, like developer support costs and maintaining the iPhone user experience.

Greg Jorgensen
MacDTS Thought Police, retired