Nested Classes, Part 1
Subject:   if a class part of Composition and Agregation then what?
Date:   2008-03-28 14:48:41
From:   Murray9654
Hi I have come to this article in search of relation of inner class and Composition. This article expresses the same what I feel about Inner classes. Even though so many people on sun forum strongly denied the relation between Inner class and Composition I strongly believed that they must be there to represent composition only. So in search of supporting me I came to this page. I am very much happy to see some one had the same opinion of mine.

I just want to ask you one question? If a class part of Composition and Aggregation then what to do? I had a class called Test. If the "name" property of the test contains a specific value it is part of some composition. when it contains other values it is part of Aggregation? so how to deal this?

one last this is if you look at the following link in the first two lines of the article the Author says Inner class is different from composition. Please comment on this.