Better Templates for iPhoto's BetterHTMLExport
Subject:   Export Book from iPhoto
Date:   2002-09-10 22:29:26
From:   anonymous2
Mr. Sag,

The Book formats in iPhoto offer more flexible layouts because you can have pages with 1, 2, 3 or more photos per page. As outlined below, you can export a Book from iPhoto using BetterHTMLExport and your layout. However, with a Book layout, there is no need for thumbnails because the photos are already reduced in size. Accordingly, I am trying to create an export layout that does not use thumbnails but has one full size image substituted for a thumbnail on your thumbnail page. Clicking on the full size image would not take you to another page. This new layout would provide an alternate to step (9) below. It's fine that BetterHTMLExport continues to make thumbnails and pages - these just would not be referenced and used. I am not a HTML coder and have not been able to edit your layout. Can you help me?


Eugene Rooke

Following is the procedure for exporting a Book from iPhoto. It's basically a process of creating a Book within iPhoto, previewing the Book and saving each page as a separate photoshop (epsf) file and exporting from iPhoto the epsf pages as a www site.

(1) BetterHTMLExport - Download and install the iPhoto export enhancement BetterHTMLExport from or from

(2) BetterHTMLExport - Download and install the additional HTML layout pages for BetterHTMLExport from This layout was written by Dave Sag to give you additional layout options to use with BetterHTMLExport.

(3) iPhoto - Within iPhoto, create album #1, copy your photos to this album and create a Book of these photos. Click the Book button at the bottom of iPhoto, select the number of photos for each page and insert captions for each photo. I prefer this approach, bcause creating a Book (unlike simple exporting) gives you the option to place different numbers of photos on each page.

(4) iPhoto - After assembling a Book, click the Preview button. This assembles the Book and allows you to see each page of the Book (and thumbnails of each page) using the Preview application.

(5) Preview - Within Preview, select Export from the File menu at the top of the screen. Click on each thumbnail page of the Book in order and save each page in a Photoshop format. This is a page by page process. Give each page a different name and for convenience, save them to a single folder (I use a folder on the desktop). Unlike the Photoshop format, the jpg and Tiff formats within Preview always save just the first page of the Book regardless of the page or thumbnail selected.

(6) iPhoto - Within iPhoto, create album #2 and copy your Photoshop photos to this new album #2.

(7) iPhoto - Within iPhoto and with album #2 selected, click the Share button at the bottom of iPhoto and the Export icon from the options that appear below.

(8) iPhoto Export - Select the BetterWebPage tab at the top of the Export screen (it was installed by BetterHTMLExport). Choose 1 column and 1 line. Set your background color or image. I set my image size to 10 times larger than the default or Max Width 64000 and Max Height 48000. Deselect the Show Title and Show Comments options because these insert file names and other text below each photo. Click the Advanced Settings button. Set Max Size and Quality for both thumbnails and images to 100. Set comments to
. Select Direct to Page Links, Links on Top and Links on Bottom. These insert the navigation arrows and page links on each www page. For Template, select My Template test (this was inserted by step (2)) from the templates listed. Pick whether you want a full size photo or the original photo copied to the www site. Click OK and click Export. By default, the www site will be created and copied to the Sites folder in your user folder.

(9) Preview your www site by clicking on the index.html page that was created in your Sites folder and navigate through the pages using the arrow buttons or page links. Better HTMLExport and the other export templates create thumbnails of each Book page. Click on the thumbnail to see the full size Book Page. You then can also navigate from full size Book page to full size Book page.

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