Subject:   Web 2.0 mentioned on Discovery Channel
Date:   2008-03-29 18:40:30
From:   Stan Standard
I saw this site mentioned on the Discovery Channel. The show was titled "Download: True Story Internet.

I wanted to watch this show just get a few pointers on how to succeed in making a living by offering a service on the web. I had this idea a little over year ago. I felt the topic of standards was soon to be one that will be on everyone’s lips. In my current business as a Systems Analyst I have to follow standards. With Sarbanes-Oxley becoming a common name in the business place everyone is conforming to standards.

I looked on the internet and found out that there is no real one place of standards. Standards are all over the net but not consolidated in one place, Thus starting the idea if Why dot net? For one dot com was taken but I feel dot net is the latest and cleanest extension on the web.

The purpose of AnyStandard is to give all the different types of business a place to go for their standard. I’ve created a domain for each of the businesses. Accounting, Credit, H.R., Legal, Medical, Professional, Shipping, Shop/Trade, Sports, and Teaching. All with the extension of Standard. What do these do? Give you access to all the web sites for that businesses standards. Not just a link but a picture for quick recognition.

Can you give me some advice on how to bring this idea up to another level.

Looking forward to your opinion.