Troubleshooting Printer Problems
Subject:   disk error installing hp 2840 usb
Date:   2008-04-12 19:25:59
From:   topcatsbs
I have a hp5000 machine running xp. The machune is 4 years old but in good running condition. I added a new hp2840 all in one printer on the usb port and all seem to work. When i resarted the machine it gave me a "disk error". Unpluged the printer from usb the computer started up I then plug the wire back into the usb and was able to use the printer until i restarted it. I unloaded all usb items and installed the software again to have the same thing happen. Hp thinks the computer is seeing the printer and trying to bot to it. I went into bios and change the boot order. No help.Any ideas. Hp blaming ms, ms blaming hp. The standard run around.

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  1. disk error installing hp 2840 usb
    2008-04-22 13:21:14  Blake101 [View]

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