Creating MyTube with Flex and PHP
Subject:   Get figure out where the upload path is
Date:   2008-04-15 13:22:27
From:   XtremeCamera
I have a linux server running CentOS... I worked your tutorial down to the letter and everything works, including the flex app, writing to the DB, everything... except for the life of me I cannot figure WHERE the upload path, what it should be, or how to set it. I can go through the upload process, I get a successful upload message, I can see the title in simpletest.php and simplemovie.html, but there is no movie. Looking at the directory I thought I specified there are no movies, no fla files, no swf... nothing...

Please, which file, which line, and if needed, any changes I have to make in the PHP for a linux server?

Oh, and this might sound stupid, but since the server I own is being handled remotely I am using the actual URL/movies and not localhost, despite making the DB with the terminal and successfully using root@localhost as the DB connect name... Am I correct with this?

Thank you for any help anyone can supply.. I'd really like to get this script working.