Digital Media Insider Podcast 21: Remixing Tips with Francis Preve
Subject:   Dub mixes
Date:   2008-04-22 06:56:47
From:   reiners
I really liked this podcast and the other with Francis Preve. I just ordered a copy of "The Remixer's Bible", in fact.

Would it be possible to do a podcast on Dub mixes and how to do them? I've always loved Dub, and, since Dub is basically a producer's art, I think such a podcast would fit in well with this series.

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  1. David Battino photo Dub mixes
    2008-04-22 10:10:26  David Battino | O'Reilly Blogger [View]

    • Dub mixes
      2008-04-27 07:59:17  reiners [View]

      • Dub mixes
        2008-04-27 17:47:51  reiners [View]

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