Google Your Desktop
Subject:   Bad Software
Date:   2008-04-23 06:33:31
From:   kaosad
One good reason why you SHOULDN’T install Google Desktop.

1) It consumes a large portion of your hard disk space behind your back!

Here is my experience. I got a huge hard disk space and at one point I got only nearly 3 Gigs left — after downloading (pretty large files), browsing, searching the web for a while I found to my amazement, my hard drive was full. Okay, I first thought I downloaded a lot lately. But then on close auditing, I downloaded only slightly less than 1 Gig. Where was the other 2 Gigs?

As you might have guessed by now, I found Google Desktop has taken it up–storing what sort of info on your machine I am not sure, but I delete them all in the Google folder.