How to Record a Podcast
Subject:   Great post. Seems simple enough ... one question.
Date:   2008-04-23 11:01:22
From:   wannabepodcaster
Thanks for the great post!

Now I know there's a way to record calls and save them as an .mp3 document.


During the conversation being recorded, If I had something qued up and played it through, say iTunes - would the other party be able to hear it through Skype so we could both comment on it? And would that sound clip be recorded so the final end user would hear it as part of the podcast?

For example,
Me: "Hey, Listen to this."
Friend on other line: "Okay, play it."
Me: (hits play on iTunes or a YouTube clip)
Friend on other line: "Wow, that's terrible".

Riveting stuff, I know.

Get what I'm trying to do?

I've read the article and don't see any mention of this type of thing.