Digital Media Insider Podcast 21: Remixing Tips with Francis Preve
Subject:   Dub mixes
Date:   2008-04-27 07:59:17
From:   reiners
Response to: Dub mixes


Here's a list of producers (and, in once case, a band) I would like to hear interviews of (along with a representative song or two by them (and the album it's from)):

Lee Perry (1936--)
* "Well Dread" - "Africa's Blood"

Dub Is A Weapon (a band that backed Lee Perry in 2006--07. Not sure who their producer is)
* "Leave I & I"

Scientist (born Hopeton Brown)
* "Cannabis Dub" - "Trojan Ganga Reggae"
* "Feelin Irie" - "RAS Portraits: The Scientist"

Prince Jammy (a.k.a. "King Jammy")
* "Jammin' for Survival" - "Flashing Echo: Trojan in Dub 1970--80"

Bunny Lee
* "Satta Dread Dub" - "Dub Gone Crazy: The Evolution Of Dub At King Tubby's 1975--1979"

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