Creating Toolbars for Mac OS X
Subject:   Cocoa document-based app with toolbars
Date:   2008-05-07 04:50:27
From:   johnlove
I really have enjoyed Mike's tutorial and it definitely works with a straight Cocoa app ... but when I switch to a document-based app ... well, I am having some difficulty:

As you know, with a document-based app, the menu exists in the MainMenu.nib and the window exists in the MyDocument.nib. When I create a new NSObject, called "MyToolbar", where do I put it ..

(a) if in the MainMenu.nib along with the menu, how do I connect the window outlet of MyToolbar = "window" to the title bar of the window which is in the MyDocument.nib?

(b) if in the MyDocument.nib, I've got a parallel problem with the menu in the MainMenu.nib.

I am reasonably confident that I am displaying ny ignorance about something very basic, but I really do need your help.


John Love