Does Enterprise Development Have to Be Painful? (Part Two)
Subject:   docs: the big picture
Date:   2008-05-13 22:06:55
From:   moya
I work for SAP and I used to be an information developer (what elsewhere is called technical writer) here.

chromatic writes:

>>> Except for the initial system configuration and deploying the web service, the only difficult or time-consuming steps of the process were those for which the available documentation is skimpy or absent.

He's right to point out some documentation hurdles, and specifically to note that we could well improve on "big picture" documentation on creating an entire application. It's an eye-opener for many in such a huge organization as SAP that it's important to pay attention to cross-functional, cross-team documentation (I know -- might sound simple if you're not in an enterprise world), but I've passed this article along to the doc team and I'm happy that there are people internally who really get this and appreciate the insight, and are thinking really hard about how to solve it.

Thanks for providing this window, chromatic