Creating Web Content for Mobile Phone Browsers, Part 1
Subject:   Image is not changing with onFocus() in XHTML MP
Date:   2008-05-15 02:47:33
From:   Kunal Dav
function changeImg(img_name, file_name){

onfocus="changeImg("img1", "balance_sheet_two.gif")"><img name="img1" align="center" alt="icon" src="balance_sheet_one.gif"> (lastTenTrans.jsp)

hi... I'm developing a XHTML MP application... I want to change the image <br/>with onfocus event (i.e. from 'balance_sheet_one.gif' to 'balance_sheet_two.gif'). It comes <br/>on WEB Browser but not happening on Mobile SDK. So will u plz help me out from this issue..? <br/>
Thank you

--Kunal Dav