Does Enterprise Development Have to Be Painful? (Part Two)
Subject:   Because:
Date:   2008-05-19 10:40:08
From:   Frank Stienhans
Response to: Why ?

SAP always appreciated the value of different development languages and platforms. Especially with the JEE 5 standard (SAP was the first to certify) we see a boost of development efficiency with Java in the enterprise. You are right though, there is still a huge potential to increase productivity. We are tuning and optimizing the experience of our J2EE implementation.

Also we see that J2EE is sometimes not sufficient for the various domains of supporting business processes in the enterprise. That is why we created the SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment, to add to J2EE what is required to make our development community more productive.

You will see us pushing into those two directions. - And you can expect a lot from us.

In case you have suggestions on how we can improve, please let us know: