Does Enterprise Development Have to Be Painful? (Part Two)
Subject:   Don't compare
Date:   2008-05-20 01:17:59
From:   JR08
Response to: Why ?

apples and oranges: SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment purpose is not to replace Perl and it's not only an extra layer on top of a Java engine. SAP NetWeaver CE is an environment for modeling composite solutions in the world of SOA. (By the way: CE works on Java EE 5.) You can build, deploy and expose services within minutes. CE enables you to consume services and enhance them with just some mouse clicks. Building UIs with Visual Composer (a component of SAP NetWeaver CE) is easy, as noted by chromatic above. And finally BPM tools like GP or Galaxy enables to model process flows on top of given service and UIs very efficiently. All is done in one design time (NetWeaver Developer Studio based on Eclipse) and fully integrated into a software lifecycle system, e.g. NetWeaver Development Infrastructure - NWDI or other supported infrastructures. These capabilities makes CE ready for a productive and professional use in the enterprise area.