Start Me Up: Writing and Understanding OS X StartupItems
Subject:   Unknown service?
Date:   2008-05-21 19:07:47
From:   ackhoo
I have created my own StartupItems under /Library/StartupItems, to perform some mounting each time when my Mac Mini reboots. I have followed the steps recommended in this article.
1. create a new folder called “ace_executor” under /Library/StartupItems
2. put under /Library/StartupItems/ace_executor
3. put StartupParameters.plist under /Library/StartupItems/ace_executor
4. create Resoruces/English.lproj folder under /Library/StartupItems/ace_executor and put the file Localizable.strings in it
5. change permissions of /Library/StartupItems to 755
6. reboot my Mac Mini

When I rebooted my machine, I notice that it didn't run my startup item. I got this from Console Message:
May 21 10:16:48 pg-sw-mac3 SystemStarter[16]: "/Library/StartupItems/ace_executor" failed sanity check: path was created after boot up

I then manually run: sudo /sbin/SystemStarter -d start /Library/StartupItems/ace_executor. This time, it said that:
May 21 10:16:48 pg-sw-mac3 SystemStarter[139]: Found item: ace_executor
May 21 10:16:48 pg-sw-mac3 SystemStarter[139]: Unknown service: ace_executor

The above message leads me to think we need to register the ace_executor service somewhere?

Any clue? Please advice.

Ai Choo