Joe Schorr on Leopard and Aperture
Subject:   Way Cool!!!! ....Almost.
Date:   2008-06-12 01:21:45
From:   tspore
Ok so I downloaded the demo, and must say that the scripting is very nice. Infact, the create your own album is very, very nice. So thanks for the heads up on this. But I found a couple issues with the script.... If you want to hear them.
#1 - I can use the leopard media browser with no problem. But when I go to "New album from selected images" Only 2or 3 photos show up in the album. I tried 10 different times, with no luck.
#2 - When I click on a image and then select "reveal selected image" - I get an error that it doesn't understand the reveal message.
#3 - IF the image made it to a gallery, even though I can't revel it, I can make a correction to that image, and than when in inDesign I can update it. But only if it found the original image in Aperture.
#4- If the image was found in my library I can also update the caption info. Which is great. But if it wasn't found to make an album, I can't update metadata.
#5 - Same issue as above with the images found.

Really I am very excited to see more and more Aperture scripts working with other programs. I think that Aperture rocks. I know it is just a sample tutorial, but I thought that I would post my issue. If anyone has any suggestions please feel free to let me know.