Date:   2008-06-25 13:43:43
From:   advocate
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I bought an ebook from a vendor. His sales page clearly indicated that this was nothing but a one time purchase ($17). Nothing hinted of recurring monthly charges. Again, it was a purchase of an ebook. Not a membership. Not a payment plan. Not a 'join anything'. An ebook. Nothing else was offered.

I was in the hospital with a heart attack when apparently the very next month (May, 2008; I purchased the ebook in April, 2008) they clipped my card for another $17. I was out of commission for a while and apparently didn't see any notice that they had charged me AGAIN for this ebook.

This month, (June, 2008), I saw yet another charge of $17. I went back and found the email where they had charged me in May. So to date, they had charged me 3 times for a one time purchase.

I contacted and like the other person on here, they indicated that they would stop the recurring charges and request two months of a refund.

I received a nasty note from the vendor (via that said that I had 30 days to ask for a refund and that 'No refund will be issued!' (I cut and pasted it exactly as he sent it to me via That wasn't even the issue. The issue is that I'm not going to pay you for something over and over again.

I wrote and again told them that there was no indication in the sales letter that this was anything more than a one time purchase. (Tim Schaller, with's Customer we don't Care?) wrote me back and said that he would credit me one of the months as refund. He pointed out that in small print, on's checkout page for this vendor, it had a small note that said, 'This is a recurring charge.' I obviously didn't see that little trick to keep clipping my credit card month after month.

NOTHING in the sales page ever offered anything that would indicate that you would continue to pay this guy $17 per month for anything. No membership, no subscriptions, no updates (in fact I've never received an email from this guy since I bought the ebook).

With Tim Schaller's response who represents, my assessment is that approves of and supports such deceit and fraud.

I am a very reasonable person. This is clearly fraud. I don't need my $17 refunded. What I do need is to let anyone know that if you deal with either or ANY VENDOR THAT USES, you should beware.

I have already contacted the BBB and filed a formal complaint with them. I'm not looking for $17. I'm warning the public of what does. I will also gain the assistance of numerous online vendors whom I know to blast this across the Internet. Forums, bulletin boards, email lists and websites. I do business with about 300 affiliates and JV partners who will assist me with this.

I honestly expected to have some integrity and do the right thing. Sadly, they didn't. Again, I'm not after $17. As an online marketer myself, I am obligated to share this experience of deceit and 'in your face' fraud.

Lastly, my guess is that very few people will complain about someone stealing $17 from them. That's not the point. The point is that it is fraud, deceitful and clearly dishonest.

If allows this guy to do this, they are saying that they approve of such practice. In fact, they have defended him and supported him. There's no telling how many others they allow to do this and refuse to refund their customers.

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