Date:   2008-06-25 19:26:23
From:   advocate
Response to:

The following is's Safe Shopping Guarantee.

2. If you are not satisfied with the product or service provided by a partner, contact us immediately. We will intercede and work to resolve the dispute to the satisfaction of all parties. If the matter cannot be resolve we will issue credits as necessary.

Fact: The matter with me is unresolved and they refused to do the right thing. Beware of and any vendor that they allow to use their services. They will NOT stand behind their own policy and WILL NOT protect you from fraud. In this case, they allowed a scheme to charge you multiple charges for the same thing. They told me that the additional charges were from updates. I NEVER received so much as a 'thank you' from the vendor much less ANY updates.

Along with a large number of online marketers that I know personally, I'm getting a flood of links and references to notify the public of these practices. I hold responsible for being the entity that thousands are entrusting their credit card information to. There is no telling how many others they have allowed this to be done to. They are also the ones who have set forth their policy above and refuse to abide by it.

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