MacBook Pro: The Thermal Paste Question
Subject:   It's designed that way
Date:   2008-07-18 12:46:32
From:   mightyfletch
The Macbook Pro is designed to dissipate heat into the casing so that it doesn't damage the hardware. That is why it is a notebook and not a laptop. I asked the apple tech and he said it is not meant to sit on your lap but on a surface that can allow it circulation. Everyone I've seen that has re-applied the thermal paste has noticed the fans coming on a lot more. Well, now they will have a shorter charge life because the computer runs the fans more often.
***If you use the internal temp sensor widgets, you will notice the component temp go down when the case gets hot.
Basically, we should all have more faith in a company that has obviously spent a lot of time and technical expertise into their designs.