Asynchronous Messaging Made Easy With Spring JMS
Subject:   Mixed up examples
Date:   2008-07-21 13:18:12
From:   DMHurst
Response to: Where is the message content set?

It appears you developed a very complex example that is only loosely discussed in the article. The article seems to refer to a much more simplistic example that is never completely put together.

I was able to get the complex example to operate properly after converting the download to a MyEclipse project, but "Made Easy" it is not.

Much of the source code you include in the article is nowhere to be found in the loanapp example, namely where you show how complicated "sendMessage()" is in regular JMS, and how simple it is when using Spring 2 framework. The following code is nowhere to be found in the loanapp example:

public void send() {
try {
ClassPathXmlApplicationContext appContext = new ClassPathXmlApplicationContext(new String[] {

System.out.println("Classpath loaded");

JMSSender jmsSender = (JMSSender)appContext.getBean("jmsSender");


System.out.println("Message sent using Spring JMS.");
} catch(Exception e) {

When readers are first learning this stuff, they want simple first and complicated second.